Monday, May 26, 2008

My Family

Here is a picture of me with some of my family at my wedding (not all of my family!). My husband Zak and I just got married last August. From left to right, you can see my sister-in-law Kathy. She is holding my nephew James. Next to Kathy is my father Julio and my mother Maria Luisa. I am in the middle. Behind me is my husband Zak (he is very tall!). Next to Zak is my brother Alfredo. Next to Alfredo is my brother Ignacio. Next to Ignacio are my aunt Ines and my uncle Jorge. They came from Argentina to be at my wedding. Not all of my brothers and sisters are in this picture.

I have five brothers and one sister. My parents live in St. Louis, Missouri. They moved to the United States from Argentina about 35 years ago. I am the youngest of the seven children. My oldest brother Julio lives in Italy and is studying to become a priest. My sister Maria lives in St. Louis with her husband and three children. My brother Ignacio lives in St. Louis, too. My brother Federico lives in St. Louis with his wife and son. My brother Alfredo lives in Washington, D.C. and he works with environmental disaster relief. Finally, my brother Jose lives in a monastery in Oklahoma.

I have two families: one in the United States (my parents, brothers and sisters) and one in Argentina (my aunts, uncles, and cousins). We are the only family in the U.S., so we are a small family here. In Argentina, we are part of a very big family.

Please tell me a little bit about your family. Write at least 5 sentences (if there is time and you want to write more, you can). Think about these questions: How many brothers and sisters do you have? Where do they live? Where do your parents live? Does any of your family live with you? If yes, who lives with you?

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Celebrity Daily Schedule

This is a picture of Michael Jordan. He is a very famous basketball player. He is very popular in Chicago. What do you think he does every day? Maybe he gets up at 7:00 in the morning. He wakes up early. Next, he eats breakfast with his family. He eats a healthy breakfast. Then, he goes to the gym to play basketball. After that, he lifts weights and runs. He is very strong. Next, he goes home to eat lunch with his family. He plays with his children after lunch. Then, he watches TV in the afternoon. At night, he eats dinner with his family. He goes to bed at 10:00. He doesn't go to bed late.

With your group, think of a different famous person. Do you have a favorite actor/actress, singer, athlete, writer, etc? What do you think they do every day? Use your imagination! (Don't forget to add an -s to the verb).