Tuesday, June 30, 2009

When I moved to Chicago

I moved to Chicago in 2006. I left Michigan in the summer. The weather was hot and humid. I said goodbye to my friends and family the day before I moved. I was very sad to say goodbye, but I was excited to move to a new city. The day I moved, my father, my brother, and my friend helped me pack the truck with my furniture. We packed early in the morning and then drove to Chicago. It took 4 hours to drive. We arrived in the afternoon and moved my furniture into my apartment. After we were finished, I bought lunch for everyone. Then they went back to Michigan. I organized my apartment for 3 days. After I was finished, I was comfortable.

Now, write about when you moved to Chicago. When you are finished, click on the links on the write to practice grammar, reading, or listening. 10 minutes before class is finished, we will return to this and read what everyone wrote.

Monday, June 15, 2009


My favorite food is pasta. I love pasta with a cream sauce and some kind of vegetable like spinach or broccoli. I like to go to the farmer's market downtown to buy fresh food. I eat a lot of vegetables, fruit, rice, whole wheat pasta, cereal, and whole wheat bread. I don't eat much junk food (chips, soda, french fries...) and I don't eat most meat, but I do eat fish. I like to eat healthy food because many people in my family have heart problems. I want my heart to be healthy.

Now, answer the questions below and then read what your classmates write. When you are finished, click on the reading on the right and do the activities.

1. What is your favorite food? Describe what is in it.

2. What do you usually eat for dinner?

3. Do you eat much junk food? What do you like?

4. Why is it important for kids to eat healthy food?

See you tomorrow and have fun.