Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Food & Beverage

What do you eat and drink for breakfast?

What do you eat and drink for lunch?

What do you eat and drink for dinner?


Anonymous said...

I eat a breakfast eggs coffe and breat. I eat for lunch salad sop and water.I eat for dinner chicken salad and water.

Anonymous said...

I eat one egg,one piece of bread.and drink coffee.

I eat one piece the chicken,salad and rice.and drink a lemonade.

I eat cereal, sometimes fruit.

Olga Banegas.

Anonymous said...

I eat have a breakfast for bread and eat rice.
I dring milk for lunch in the morning.
I eat rices and dring fish soup,vegetable soup, chicken soup, and pork chop soup.

Xiufang wu

Anonymous said...

cereal milk orange juice

sandwich and some drink tea

soup fish bread and cola


Anonymous said...

I eat some carrots and drink some milk for my breakfast.
I eat some rice with chicken soup and drink some water for my lunch.
I eat some small rice with fish soup and drink some water for my dinner.


Anonymous said...

I eat cerial for brekfast.
I eat egg and drink apple juce for lunch.
I eat chiken and drink water for d


Anonymous said...

I ate bread and eggomelet. I drank coffee.

I eat rice and miso-soup and salada.
I drink green tea.

I eat grill-chicken and salada and vegetable-soup.
I drink beer and green tea.


Anonymous said...

I eat have for breakfast is eggs and beans,milk and orange juice is the morning. for lunch is vegetables soup,rice,and fish,water for dinner more soup ant fruit, banana,apple and grapes o watermelon bread, milk.

Rosio Alanis.

Anonymous said...

I eat for breakfast cereal and milk, sometimes I drink orange juice. I eat for lunch one sandwich, one banana, I drink orange juice and water. I eat for dinner mexican food, sometimes vegetables, meat our chicken. everyday eat tortilla. I drink for dinner water our fruit water, rarely drink soda.

Alejandra Gonzalez

Anonymous said...

I eat beef soup and drink coffee for breakfast.I eat wegetable and chicken me drink mineral water for lunch.I eat fish potato and fruit for dinner.


Anonymous said...

I drink for breakfast milk
I eat for lunch tortilla.rice.beans and beef.
I drink water.

I eat for diner tuna drink water.and juice.


Anonymous said...

Every morning in the breakfast.I eat eggs with ham and drink water.And the lunch eat chicken,beef or soup and drink water sometimes soda.For the dinner eat sandwich or salad and drink water and juice.

Emelia Sotelo

Anonymous said...

I eat some cereal and drink coffee for breakfast.I eat for lunch soup vegetable and chicken I drink some water.I eat dinner potato some steak and salad I drink coke.


Anonymous said...

I eat cereal and juice yogurt for every day and the moring. For lunch I eat sandwich for drink water. For dinner I eat pasta and bread and salad and drink water.

Martha Luna

Anonymous said...

I eat bread and egg for breakfast. I drink orange juice.

I eat chicken for lunch. I drink water.

I eat injera for dinner. I drink milk.