Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Hi Everyone,

We have been talking about jobs, and saying things like "He is cleaning the floors right now", "He cleans floors everyday", "Does he clean floors?" and "What does he clean?". Now that you finished reading the article about finding a job, please answer the questions below. Then read your classmates' postings.

1. Do you have a job? (Remember, being a stay at home mother is work.)

2. What do you do?

3. What do you like about your work?

4. What don't you like about your work?

5. Do you want to find a new job? What job do you want?

Now please click on the links on the right to practice the grammar.

Have fun!


Anonymous said...

Yes,I do.I work in the laundry.
I cleaner the laundry.
I don't like mapping.
No I don't new job. I like my job.

Angelica Vazquez.

Anonymous said...

Yes,I do I work in my house.
A stay at home mother is work.I'am coking every day,for my family.
teresa perez

Anonymous said...

Yes I do my job is a stay at home mother and am going to school monday to friday and i have two children and i cocking for us sometimes they likes my food and we are bery happy.


Anonymous said...

I not have job aut said .Im stay mother .I work meny hours 7days a week .I love may job .I do diferents thigs ,washe the dishes ,wepp ,mop,coock,care the children.and more.The childrens are fany and antelligents .Evry day its new and diferent.I love my job.Teresa soto

Anonymous said...

My job is stay at home mother.I do cook,clean and my childrec care. I like children care .I don' like clean .Yes, I want to find a new job .I want to teacher job.

My name is saraswati Panthee

Anonymous said...

I am talk about my last job.
I cook all children in the day care. That job it is vary exitant.Because evrey day.I cook
different dishes butone day aweek.
Yes,I am want to find a new job.
I looking for the house keeping

Irma SOto.