Monday, June 15, 2009


My favorite food is pasta. I love pasta with a cream sauce and some kind of vegetable like spinach or broccoli. I like to go to the farmer's market downtown to buy fresh food. I eat a lot of vegetables, fruit, rice, whole wheat pasta, cereal, and whole wheat bread. I don't eat much junk food (chips, soda, french fries...) and I don't eat most meat, but I do eat fish. I like to eat healthy food because many people in my family have heart problems. I want my heart to be healthy.

Now, answer the questions below and then read what your classmates write. When you are finished, click on the reading on the right and do the activities.

1. What is your favorite food? Describe what is in it.

2. What do you usually eat for dinner?

3. Do you eat much junk food? What do you like?

4. Why is it important for kids to eat healthy food?

See you tomorrow and have fun.


Anonymous said...

My favorite food is cheese. I like cheese on everything, including burritos, steak, and sandwiches.

I eat a lot of cheese, but I don't eat much junk food. I never eat fast food.

I eat a lot of fruit, but I don't eat much vegetables. I don't like vegetables.


Anonymous said...

I like the pasta. I love fetuccini Alfredo I like, I like. I eat a lot Seafood and some kind vegetables,rice,fruts, but I don't eat much junk food.
I don't drink pop, I like water and coffee.
Too like mexican food.


Anonymous said...

My favorite food is .rice and mole because is good.i eat fruit and vegetables. a like cake and soda and water.a like everything kidz a like sandwich the cheese and juice and macaroni


Anonymous said...

My favorite food is Honduras food.
It chiken, rice,cheese and tortilla etc.
I eat dinner breat, sheese and salad.
Yes, I like eat much junk

becouse the kids are growing.

Jessie Lavaire

Anonymous said...

My favorite food is mole.I love mole with hot peppers and chiken.My child don't eat mole. I like to go to the lindo michoacan market to buy fresh vegetables, fruit,meat and hot bread. I don't drink coffee,soda and don't cafeine.
Jeannette solis

Anonymous said...

I like chaina food sametain on weeken I go the restauran onli chaina food .
I don't like eat junk food
I like tumach, vegetables and fruit.

Esmeralda garmendia.

Anonymous said...

My faborite food is chainese .
because I lake brocoli and corrots.
I like vegetables I like fruit .
I don't eat much fat food .
I like drink water pop end jeice.

Maria hernandez

Anonymous said...

my favority food is chicken soup on every thing
ieat alot of chicken ,but idon't eat much fat food
i eat alot of fruit;idont'eat muchi
idon'like ice cream.


Anonymous said...

my favorite food is beef.I love beef with vegesbles or rice.

I eat a lot beef,but I don't eat much junk food is very bad for the healt of everybody.

It eat fruits and vegetables for a better life

anyolina malek.

Anonymous said...

my favortite food is chiken soup
ilike frut and vegtables every day I eat alot of spicy food.

Maria I Ortiz

Anonymous said...

my favorite food is chiken and rice and vgetables and ilike suop chiken ilike drocoli and cabbage and onios tomatoes cucumbe it eat fruit my idont eat much junk food
maria uruchima

Anonymous said...

My Favorite food is pasta on
vegetables. but I don't like eat.
fras potatos.on port chap. no good
for My bari.I like frut too.
I like Cheese to much.

Tomas Gonzalez 0/1609/

Anonymous said...

I liked nioque, this is a sup Italian, this come whit begetables this is cook whit garlic oil,sparragus,cherry tomatoe,
pasley,mhusrrom stak and chiken.


I liked the ice cream flavor walnuts, or vainilla or a cake flavor chocolate...


Anonymous said...

my favorite food I like mole is mexican food is spacy the checken Is delecios begetables pecause Is good for my body I like fruts watermelon, peches , straberries ,Is god for my.

monica Rodriguez

Anonymous said...

my favorite food is gimche. I like gimche on everything eating. I like spics. gimche is korea histore food. I little eat fastfood. becouse my daughters want time. I don't vegetables. so I know needs vegetables.

Anonymous said...

my Name is Felix Robledo my favorite is tamales because I love because my childrens A they like too much with coffe in the morning

Anonymous said...

my favorite food is chiken soup.I like soup on the including a vegetables eat soup; but I don' like eat munh junk food I never eat fast food I eat much vegetables. I don't like potatoes.


Anonymous said...

my favorite food is mexican why?Bicause is delisias.Icook in
MY hause mexican rice enchiladas including salad with dresing I have four children I need eat healthy because I need to be a good example for my children.
eberyday we eat fruit end vegetables we have a little problem
bicause mychildren don't like name is Mirella