Monday, July 13, 2009

Telling a Story

This is Adele. She lives in France, but her husband is not at home. His name is Philip and he works on a boat. He lives on his boat for many months. She misses him and she is writing him a letter to tell him that she loves him. She is sitting in the chair and she is remembering how handsome he is. She is leaning her face on her hand because she is thinking about what she wants to write. The sun is shining through the window, but she doesn't care. She is only thinking about her husband and dreaming about when he comes home.

Now I want you to write a story with your partner. Choose a picture from the list on the right and then create a story together. When you are finished writing, ask for help to decorate your story.

After you print your story, you can practice grammar, reading, or listening with the links on the right. Have fun!

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