Monday, October 19, 2009


My favorite food is pasta. I love pasta with cream sauce with some kind of vegetable like spinach or broccoli. I like to go to the farmers' market downtown to buy fresh food. I eat a lot of vegetables, fruit, rice, and whole wheat pasta, cereal, and bread. I don't eat much junk food (chips, soda, french fries...) and I don't eat meat. But I eat fish and other seafood. I like to eat healthy food because many people in my family have heart problems. I want to be healthy.

Now answer the questions below with your partner. Take turns asking each other and typing the answers. When you are finished, you can practice with the picture dictionary or the links on the right.

1. What is your favorite food? Describe what is in it.

2. What do you usually eat for dinner?

3. Do you eat much junk food? What do you like?

4. Why is it important for kids to eat healthy food?


Anonymous said...

1/my faborite food is salad.
I love spnach and timatoes,carrots,and ranch.
2/for dinner eat pasta and chiken
3/for junk food I like pizza.
4/Its important for good live.


Anonymous said...

My favorite food is pizza and mexican food too. And then I like the Mole chicken, rice, and chili sauce.

I eat meat and salad,tomato,celeri,onios,lemon and diferet meat

I eat sometime junk food.
I like soda,chips,candi and macdonals >>ALEJANDRACARRERAS<<

Anonymous said...

my favorite food is the chinese food and mexican food. i eat cereal with milk or 2 tortillas with any food and 3 cups of water in the night.
I don't eat junk food much, some days I eat pizza or lays 1 or 2 times to month. the healthy food is important because they are studing and need nutrition and of course wath they are exercise and they haven a long life.

Rolando Mancera

Anonymous said...

first question:my favorite food is the mexican food i love mexican food because it is very delicious and contain ingredients diferents good for the healthy how vegetables and more.

second question: my dinner usually is cereal or sometime bread whit milk this is my dinner.

third question:mmmmmm somtimes i like hamburger,pizza,chips and soda.

fourth question:because they put more atention in all your activities in the school they will be smart


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

My favorite food is chicken.I always used vegetables and garlic, onions, olvives, and salt.

My dinner is rice and fish with vegetables.

I don't like it.

I is importortant to eat vegetables and fruit

Anonymous said...

My favorite food is fish. Always use garlic, onions , vegetables, olive oil a little salt. Put first in the refrigereitor for 2 hours, after that, put in the over for 35 minutes. when is ready, sometimes, I served it with some potatoes, rice,salads,frensh bread and one bottel of Cabarnet Savallon wine red ,white or demisec.

No,I don'like junk food.I like fruits,vegetales, chicken and seafood.

Anonymous said...

My favorite food is BULGOGI. I cook beef with onion, white onion,korea sauce. Then my family eat BULGOGI with welled-rice, KIMCH food. My family usually eat fish,Welled-rice,kimch,anything vegetable(mashroom...) for the dinner. I don't like junk food. My family sometimes eat french fries, hambuge. My family usually eat many fruits. My family like fruits.
I think many children likes junk food. My daughter likes junk food, too. IF many children ate too much junk food, They has overweight. finally, many children cause of many sick,dieases. so many children is unhappy. So we will need to eat healthy food.

Kiseok cho

Anonymous said...

my favorite food is pesa i love samtames like vegetable and fruit rise fresh food
but eat fish samtimes etse good
usually eat rise engera pasta and
i don'liyke
saryale and milke fruit

Anonymous said...

1/My faborite food is pozole ,pork.pepper red wather lettuse in tostadas
2/cereal ,fruit, rice milk, in wether
3/no much eat chips,sodabecouse strng
4/becouse heartb bestebos
Eva cervantes.

Anonymous said...

no idont like junk food
cheese cereal


Anonymous said...

My favorite food is chiken, rice and vegetables. Lettuce, celery, tomatoes, carros, cucumbres. I like fruit too. Sometimes I eat junk food. I like pizza.

Lidia Samano

Anonymous said...

My favorite food is salad of chiken with some kind of vegetable I like brocoli, carroz, potates and lettce. sometimes I eat two times for week I like aet fruit to. I don't eat much junk food . for me is very importn my children their healthy not junk food in my house, Maria garcia.

Anonymous said...

my favorite food is fish.ilove fish with limon with toomato,inoin,with vegetable,with bread.ilike eat fruit and idrink tea beronya yaqo

Anonymous said...

My favorite food is pasta.
spinach or broccoii.
I like to go to the farmers'
market downtown to buy fresh food.
for kids is good food.
pasta.vegetable in spinach.
fresh food.

~Tomas Gonzalez.

Anonymous said...

y favorite food is pasta
love etiopan n food doro wate

ieat dinnerceral

Anonymous said...

my favorite food is rice and junk food is chips.i like seafood.