Monday, November 23, 2009

Finding a Job

Now that you are finished looking at the classifieds for a job, please answer the questions from your handout.

1. What is the job?

2. What is the name of the company?

3. How much does the job pay?

4. Is it full-time or part-time?

5. Do they want you to apply in person, call, or send a resume?

6. Do you like this job? Why or why not?

When you are finished, you can practice job related vocabulary with Oxford Picture Dictionary or you can practice typing. Ask me or Erica for help if you don't remember how to open these programs. Or you can click on the links on the right for other things to practice.


Anonymous said...

1.-Dental reception

2.-No information

3.-Pay start at $10/hour

4.-Is part-time

5.-Submit resumes by replying to this e-mail or faxing to 630 324 6750

6.-Yes,I do. because I don't need experience and they give me training.

Victorino Mancera

Anonymous said...

1.- The job is for Dental Reception.

2.- The information is not available.

3.- The pay start at $10/hour.

4.- The job is for Part-time.

5.- Submit resumes by replaying to this e-mail or faxing to 630-324- 6750.

6.- Yes,I do. Because I don't need experience and they give me training.

Anonymous said...

1.- The job is nurse. 2.-No have any name the company (no imformation). 3.-Don't have any information about the compensation and the pay. 4.-This job is a part-time position. 5.-they want I do replay with a resume or information attached.6.- mayby I like this job because Iworked in this enviroment. and I studied about this.But don't tell about how much they going to pay.

Rolando Mancera.

Anonymous said...

1.The job is for manicurist

2.the informatian no available

3.the information no available

4.the job is full time or part time they send a resume your resume consideration to you like this job .yes,i like beacuse is beauty and more experinse


Anonymous said...

The job is Hairdresser/Barber. (Wicker Park).
Name company No information.
No information how much does the job pay.
The job is full time.
About for this job, do not raid
E-mail.Emidiatle call phone


Anonymous said...

1. The job is cnc operator.

dename the company ismanufacturing
how muchdoesthejob pay 15.20
isno informetion
send a resume
ilike this job ihave expirence

Anonymous said...

1.The job is secretary.
2.The name of the company is Secretary/Admin.Asst.CPA-firm
3.Does not have information abaut how much pay
4.Is the part-time
5.No phone calls.
6.Yes I like this job because it easy,is autsajd,is dont cold,is god for me.

Anonymous said...

The job is Nail salon and spa.
The Blush Salon and spa.
No information.
Part time.
They are want send
I like job because I want they are beautiful.

Kieu le.

Anonymous said...

1. The job is teacher of preschool. 2.the neme is preschool center 3.the job pay it is $12-15 for is full-time.I like this job because I like the children.

Maria Garcia.

Anonymous said...

the jop is barber the name is hair stylist/barber wanted-(2845.s.wallace,chicago il60616)<< salon/spalfithess the is pay mor money. It is full-tim.Some peple call at 312-835-8123. I like this job becouse it gave me more money.

Beronya yaqo

Anonymous said...

1. The job is hair stylist.
2. The name of the company is "Diva free".
3. No information above the pay.
4. This job is full-time.
5. For apply send a resume.
6. I like the job. Because they have competitive benefits.

Lidia Samano

Anonymous said...

1. The job is legal secretary.

2. serpe.dizonno@Associates.

3. not information.

4. not information but Im flexible.

5. sed resume at cover letter.

6.I like at pay many.

Anonymous said...

1. The job is Interior Designer. 2. theres is no name for the conpany. 3.There is not information for pay. 4.Is full-Tim 5.Send Applications to the email address. 6.Yes,because is full-time,benefits,good salary and I have skills for this jod. Alejandra Carreras.

Anonymous said...

1.The job is Registered nurse.

2.The company name is Brightstar.

3.The job pay is $25~$32/a hour.

4.The job is FT or PT.

5.send by e-mail for a resume.

6.Yes. because i like to help person.

Kiseok cho

Anonymous said...

the job is bartenders and waitress.The pay only tips.Part-time job.I don't like this job becauce worke at night and don't have benefits too.


Anonymous said...

1. the job is cook.

2. ther company no imformation

3.i like the pay is 12 horus it my job
5. they need to apply in person
6. i like because my jod

maria uruchima

Anonymous said...

1 . The jos is Costomer Care
2 . There is no name for the company.
3.The pay is $10?hour.
4. Is full-time.
5. I like this job, because is a good oportunity for change and to learn diferent things.

Balvanera Berrocal

rosa zulfikhar said...

thanks for your info guys

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