Monday, May 10, 2010

Classes and Schools

We are studying classrooms and schools this week. In computer class today, we are going to learn how to use a reading program and the articles are about school. First I will give you a demonstration and then you are going to use the program on your own. When you are finished, please return to the blog and answer the questions.

1. Do you like to read in your language?

2. If yes, what do you like to read? Books (romance, history, science), magazines, newspapers...

3. What is your favorite book? If you don't know the name in English, you can write it in your language.

4. Who taught (past tense of teach) you how to read (your mother, your brother, a teacher)? How old were you?

5. What is more difficult for you - reading, writing, listening, or speaking in English? Why do you think so?


Anonymous said...

Iam reading spanish. Iam reading magazines and newspapers. My favorite book is the bible. Iam reading my sister. more difficult is reading, writing and listening.

Anonymous said...

I like read my language. I like reading books romance, magazines and newspapers.My favorite book in my language it is book name yaprak dokumu.My mom and my tacehers teach me read.I think is more difficult raeding and writing.

Anonymous said...

I like to read in your language. I like read romance and science books. I like read magazines, newspapers and novels too. My favorite book is "Old Father". It's very interested.
When I'm 5 years old, My father taught me how to read. For me, I think writing and speaking is more difficult. Because I can speaking English litter bit, and I dont know a lot of vocabulary, new word. I'm write so bad because the program isn't good.

Anonymous said...

Ilake to read en spanish because. I understand everything. I lake toread romance and my favorite book is. Romeo and Julieta


Anonymous said...

I like read in my language. I like to read books of history and magazines. I dont have favorite book. I can write in my language. En the past my teacher read one book.