Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Job Ads

Now that you are finished with your job search, please answer the following quesitons.

1. What is the job?

2. What is the name of the company?

3. How much does the job pay?

4. Is it full-time or part-time?

5. Do they want you to apply in person, call, or send a resume?

6. Do you like this job? Why or why not?

Please post your answers on the blog. When you are finished, you can practice reading, listening, grammar, typing, or vocabulary.


Anonymous said...

This job is for Dental Asistent/Receptionist. I don't know the company. I don't know how much do they pay. It is part-time. I need reply to: Kpatari 77 @yahoo.com. This job noliked because are to much skill for example:* 1 year of experience
* Know the program of
software, etc.

Carmen Valdes.

Anonymous said...

The job is nurse.I don't know the name of the company but the location is in Merrillville. The pay is negotiable based on experience and above market.It is PT and FT. They want I send resume. I like this job because I like helps the people.

Magaly Vanegas.

Anonymous said...

My job is office administrator. I don't know name this company, but it location is Richmond IL. The job pay 20-30k. Comperative salary and plas vacation. It is full-time. They want email resume.I lake this job , because I know tipe on the computer and answer on the phone.

Zorica Dukic

Anonymous said...

The job is a receptionist cashier. The name is Evergreen. I don't nkow how much does pay. It is a part-time. They want to apply in person. I don't like this job becouse is part-time. I need full- time. Lorena Franco.

Anonymous said...

this is job sishi chef. the name of the company is Japenese Bisrto. they want to call and send a resume. I don't like this job because not pay not information.

Anonymous said...

The job is chef.
the.name of the signatur room I like to earn .25 in hour
I like full time appiy because I like cook in a kitchen

hayat kanno

Anonymous said...

the job is house keeper.idont no .s15.port time .no phone caiis. Idont liek this job because this tiem. israa

Anonymous said...

My job is Chef the name company food service manger Idon'nt now the job pay .Is full time.Iwant apply in send aresume. Ilike this job. because organized the program the food service manager.


Anonymous said...

the job is mechanic. sewer and water idont pay .full time .yes i appy . yes like this job. hamidi

Anonymous said...

The job is computer programmer. the pay the job is 4o.ooo the job is full time send a resume please email us at chanel clarise. like because more experence/


Anonymous said...


I work sous

I work sous cfef.the name of the company is signature room.I dont no how much pay.is it the job full time.apply in person.yes becuse i like cook. samra

Anonymous said...

what job is machine operator they name company is downer grove mamufacture is it full time i good apply in person yes i like job mirigza quintana

Anonymous said...

A. The job is writer.b.I don't know what is the name of the company .C. I don't know the pay.D. it's the part time.they want to apply in person .F. I don't knew .becouse they no't writeing how much they pay.

Albart Barcham

Anonymous said...

The job is babysitter. the job is a Family how moch does the job 700 per week.this is a part time job.plis no phone calls.yes becose i like the babys.