Monday, January 26, 2009

This is my routine. I usually get up at 6:00 and I eat breakfast and drink a cup of coffee. I sometimes eat an egg and toast for breakfast, but I usually eat yogurt and cereal. I don't take a shower in the morning because I take a shower at night. I brush my teeth and I get ready for work. Then I work from 9:00 to 5:00. After I get home, I make dinner and and wash the dishes. I usually read a book or watch TV in the evening. Next, I take a show and get ready for bed. I go to bed about about 10:00. I don't stay up late because I get up early in the morning. On the weekends, I like to sleep late. I do my laundry, clean my apartment, and go grocery shopping. I sometimes meet my friends for coffee or I go to a movie.

Now, you can write about your routines. Please use word like "usually, sometime, in the morning, in the evening..." When you are finished, read your classmates' writing. Then click on the links on the right and practice some of the things we've been studying this week.
Have fun!


Anonymous said...

I usually wake up at 7;oo. Iolways brush my teeth. I take ashower in the morning. I go to school at 9;oo Iwach tv in the afternoon. my name is maria uruchima.

Anonymous said...

I usually weke up at 7:oo

I usully taike a shower every day.
I sometamis aet breckfast in the
I usully drive to sckooll evere

Faik Bicurri
Gilberto Araujo

Anonymous said...

I usually wake up 6 oclock every.I usually cook food in the morning. I usually get up 7:30 am everyday My son for at school.I come in to at school to 9 am from 1 pm.I go home and my lunch.I usually pick up my son on 2 oclock in the afternoonAfter clas my son do home work at 3 oclock inthe afternoon. I go home at 5:15 oclock in the evening.I ususlly take a shower for my son in the evening . I usualy go to bed at 8 oclock at night.
This is Alejandra.

Anonymous said...

I sometimes rait letters.
I usually have a headache.
I never eat breakfast in bad.
I sometimes read the newspaper.
I never aet chinese food.

Gilberto Araujo
Faik Bicurri

Anonymous said...

I usully weke up 7:30 am.
I make brekfats.
i brush my teeth every en the morning.
I go to de the school from 9:00 to 1:00 pm.
I go hom 1:00 pm.
I go to the work the from 3:30 to 12:00 AM .
I go hom 12:30 am.
I go to the bed at 2:00



I always get up at 7:00
I brush my teeth every day in the mornig.
I get dress.
I eat may brekfast .
I take bus at 8:30 .
I arribe to the school from 9:00 to 1:00.
I arribe my hause 1:45.
I cleanin the hause from 2:30 to 3:00.
I eat lonch from 3:30 to 4:00.
I brush my teeth in the afternum .
I watche TV from 5:00 to 10:00.



Anonymous said...

my name is maria mancera. Iusually wake up7;15.Ieat breakfas 8;00 I olwuays brush teeth. I usually go to school in the morning. Iolwuays cook for my family. Iolwuays wash the dishes in theafternon.I olwuays take a shower in the night.

Anonymous said...

A usually wak up at 6:00.Itake a shower.I cook brekfast.I go my doughter at school.I go my other doughter at diferent school.I leve at home.I go my school at 8:30.I go my home at 1:30.I cook dinner.I take my dooughter after school program.I live my home.I writing my homework.At 7:30 my doughter live home.I help my doughter homework.At 11:30 we go to bed.


Anonymous said...

I usually wake up at 7:00. I always brush my teeth. I usually take a shower in the morning .I usually get dresses at 8:30 in the morning. I always study at 9:00.I usually go home after class make lunch at 1:15 in the aftermon .I usually call my mother at night .I usualy sleep at midnight.

This is Luyen.

Anonymous said...

I usually get up at 8:30. I don't drink coffee. I sometimes eat breakfast. I don't take a shower in the morning. Because I take a shower in the everning, I usually go to school at 8:45, I raredy arrive at 1:00. I often do homework in the everning and watch T.V in the everning. after I go to bed at 12:00 midnight.

This is name: Dung Tuan, Nguyen.

I usually get up at 6:00. I seldom get up late in the morning. I like to drink coffee everday.I never drink alcohol in the morning. I always take a shower in the everning. I don't take a shower in the afternoon. I usually eat spice food in the meat. I usually eat breakfast at 10:00. I don't like breakfast at 6:00 everyday. I often watch T.V news in the everning. I hardly ever foolball. I rarely the seccer. I usually chat email in the computer with my friends. And my business everday. I always read the newspaper veryday. I often wash my car once a month. I often visit my native country 1 year.

This is Dung Tri Nguyen.

Anonymous said...

I usually wake up at 6:00. I take a shower in the morning .I eat breakfast and drink cooffe in the morning .I go to school at 8:15. I study English from 9:00 to 1:00.I go home at 1;15. I make dinner in the afternoon I eat dinner from 6:00 to 7:00. I watch TV and writing homework in the evening.I go to bed at 11:00.


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