Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Free Food for Kids

First, you should read the story about free food for kids. The link is on the right. After you are finished reading and doing the activities, return to the blog and answer these questions. Click on "comments" to post your answers.

1. Why is it important for kids to eat a healthy breakfast before school?

2. Do you think it is important for adults to eat a healthy breakfast, too? Why or why not?

3. The free food for kids program is from the government. The money comes from taxes. Do you think it is more important to give free food to kids or for the public to save money on taxes? Why?

4. This story about free food for kids is from California. Do you know of a similar program in Illinois? What are they?

When you are finished with your questions, you can practice more reading, listening, or grammar. Or you can go to the typing program or the picture dictionary program.



Anonymous said...

1.- because more concentrate.

2.-yes, because too more concentrate.

3.- because The new meal plan is open to students under the age of 18.

4.- yes I do, my dauother, she eat in the daycare is free the meal.she eat two times...

Melanie Tinoco.

Anonymous said...

1-Because concentrate.

2-Yes,because concentrate.

3-Give free food to kids,because poor.

4-I don't know.


Anonymous said...

1-Is importan for more concentrate,participate,bodies and minds work better.

2-For adults is important too eat healthy breakfast for no sick and because the bodies need it.

3-Healthy and free food in the school is inportant because is necesary for kids.

4-In illinois link card and green card are for free food for kids.


Anonymous said...

1no concentrate

beacause no more cosentration

3.the plans the studens is age of 18 years old

4.she eat in daycare is free

Rosa Rodriguez

Anonymous said...

1. Because it is for more consentracion . yes because they are more actybities. this is more importat for kids. 4.yes this program we hab in illinois too

Maria Molina.

Anonymous said...

1. I think is important because the kids need eat breakfast to.

2. yea I think is important for adults too breakfast for the actibitys..
3. Yea I think is more important free food for the kids.
4.Mmm I tink in illinois have this progam in all scools..

Gerardo Vega..

Anonymous said...

Because is important for ground and concentration to school. best concentrate in job. Best program for kids. I don't program.


Anonymous said...

1.because more concentrate and more inteligent.
2.yes because is more strong and healty is more funny.
3.is more important the food for kids and more money for estudend the 18 years old.
4.yes I do my children is eat in the eschool is free the lonch.


Anonymous said...

because it helps them concentrate and grow.


Free food.

I don't know.

samra younan

Anonymous said...

I think Becouse They are mor consentred.I think is inportant for adul to becouse they are Need consentrechon and Yor worck. Ithink it is mor important to give free food to kids IN the ILLOI iS Simelar The Lincard a free food.


Anonymous said...

1. because more consentrate 2.yes because too more consentrate. 3.decause the new meal plan is open to students under the ogo of 18. 4.is simila decous is free food.


Anonymous said...

Is very important because children has more attention. is very good for adults has concentration and remeber everythis. becuase is good no pay for breakfast. good for help the familys for breaskfast.

maria carmen paredes

Anonymous said...

I think is necesary eat breakfast because the children are more concentrate for hard work. listening and reading. I think is important eat breakfast adults and childres for healthy when eat breakfast not has too much hungry and the lunch.

Maria Reyes