Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Now that you are finished looking at the classifieds for a job, please answer the following questions from your handout.

1. What is the job?

2. What is the name of the company?

3. How much does the job pay?

4. Is it full-time or part-time?

5. Do they want you to apply in person, call, or send a resume?

6. Do yo ulike thie job? Why or why not?

When you are finished, you can practice job related vocabulary on Oxford Picture Dictionary or you can practice typing. Ask me for help if you don't remember how to open these programs. Or you can practice English on other websites by clicking on the links on the right.


Anonymous said...

What is the job? medical assistant

What is the name of the company? (Hidsdale IL)

How much does the job pay? will determine based on resume

Is it full-time or part-time? FT

Do they want you to apply in person, call, or send a resume?
send for E-mail a resume.

Do you like this job? Why or Why not? yes, I do. I like because maybe pay more money...


Anonymous said...

1.The job is a nurse.
2.The name of the company is restorative nurse.
3.no information about money.
4.It's part time.
5.They want to apply in call.
6.I like because is PT & good benefits.


Anonymous said...

The job is restaurant mangement.

The name of the company is Red Robin.

The salary based on experience.

There is no information about FT or PT.

Apply now.

I don't like the job because it doesn't have good benefits.

Josephine Elias

Anonymous said...

The job is cook. The name of the company m burger (chicgo). There is no infrmation about the pay. is is part time person. Yes because I like cook.

Samra Younan

Anonymous said...

It is a pre cook. The name the restaurant is flavor restaurant and catering.not information. It is full time and par time. Call abut this job is ok. I like because I like the kitchen.

Maria Reyes

Anonymous said...

It is secretary. The company is for amid sized dowuntown. The salary is no informetion. It is full time reply to job fwm8n 167818199 a craigslist orj. Yes I like bicause is a good job.

Rosa Gonzalez

Anonymous said...

1.what is the job? The job is waiter.

what is the name of the conpany?barrington

How moch does the jab pay?no Infortion.



do you like this job?why or why not?yes because waiter.


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