Monday, June 28, 2010

My Favorite Food

My favorite food is pasta. I love pasta with cream sauce with some kind of vegetable like spinach or brocolli. I eat a lot of vegetables, fruit, whole wheat pasta, rice, bread, and cereal. I don't eat much junk food (potato chips, french fries, soda...) and I don't eat meat. But I eat fish and other kinds of seafood. For breakfast, I eat yogurt, cereal, and blueberries mixed together and I drink my favorite beverage - coffee. I love chocolate, so for my last birthday, I had chocolate cake. And because I don't know how to cook very many things, I usually buy spinach dip from the grocery store when I go to a party.

Now, write your answers to the conversation questions from the beginning of class. When you are finished, you can practice vocabulary with Oxford Picture Dictionary or typing with Mavis Beacon. If you want to practice reading, grammar, or listening, click on one of the links on the right.

1. What is your favorite food? Describe what is in it.

2. What do you usually eat for breakfast?

3. What is your favorite thing to drink?

4. What kind of dessert did you have for your last birthday?

5. What kind of food do you usually bring to a party?

6. Do you know how to cook? If yes, what is your specialty?

Have fun!


Anonymous said...

My favorite food is fish with potato salad. I usually eat for breakfast milk with cereal. Sometimes I eat pancakes. My favorite thing to drink is coffee. I like pie with apples, but my last birthday it was cake and many cookies. Usually I bring to a party some pizza and vegatables salad. I know to cook,and my specialty is fish and fish soup with much vegatables.

zorika dukic

Anonymous said...

1.My favorite food is buuz. I drink water.
2. I usually eat of breakfast two eggs and bread sometimes boortsog.3.My favorite drink is coke.
4.I like dessert. whit cake pizza and...........
5.I bring pizza and burger
6.Sure. yes i can.i do tsuivan, budaatai huurga, salad and buuz.


Anonymous said...

My favorite food is chicken. I eat for breakfast cheese. I like drink coffee. the last birthday I have chocolate cake. I am usually bring breany. yes .chicken and rice.


Anonymous said...

My favorite food is mole with chiken and rice. I eat for breakfast bread with butter and 3 eggs with orange juice. My beverage favorite is the red bull. I eat cookies and cake in my birthday. I kind of food usually is villed salad. I cook specialty soup and tampiquenia the taste is good.

jose gaspar

Anonymous said...

My Favorite food is t-bone steak salad and rice. My favotite breaskfast is soya milk and granola. My favorite drink is cofee.Usually I not eat any suiw.May favorite food bring to a party is rice and vegetables.My specialty is cook rice.

German Marroquin

Anonymous said...

My favorite food is mole. I usually eat cereal and fruit or coffe. My favorite veberages is water and soda. I love the dessert but for my birthday was three milk cake. I usually bring pozole and tostadas. I'm sorry I don't have a specialty

Angelica Flores.

Anonymous said...

My favorite food is rice with sald .I eat creal and drink tea for breakfast.My favorite thing to drink an apple juce.My kind of dessert did you have for your last birthday cake and pie.My kind of food do you bring to party pizza and soda.My specialty cook fruit sald.


Anonymous said...

My favorite food is chicken and salad. I usually eat fruit and cereal with milk for breakfast. My favorite thing to drink is water because is healther than soda. My favorite dessert is pie of nuts. I always have a celebration for my birthday. I usually bring to a party salad, chicken and beverages. I do ribs in barbaque.

Anonymous said...

my favorit food is pasta i drink caffi ma favorit is tea my favorit birthday jes cocoladcec my favorit jes baklava.

Havaja Peric

Anonymous said...

My favorite food is chicken.I eat for breakfast coffee and bread.My favorite thing to drink is water and juice.`I had for my last birthday .I did cake. I usually bring salad to a party.My specialty is pozole.Lorena Franco.

Anonymous said...

My favorite food is fish. I eat corn flakes. My favorite thing to drink orange water, My kin of dessert is any . My food do you usually bring to party salad.
My favorite how to cook rice turkey.

Anonymous said...

My favorite food is pasta I eat breakfast cheese on bread My favorite drink coffee on tae My favorite food fish on chicken .Hayat kanno

Anonymous said...

Myfavrite food is dolma. I eat brek fast cheese and drink tea. My favorite drink tez. My favorite dessert.iescrem .My food party fish. My sbecialty is dolma.


Anonymous said...

My favorite foo is raice and for breakfast is milk banana and cereal.I drink is water desert did youhave for cake the chocolate .usually bring toaparty mole raice chiken tortilla.If yes, what is your speciality cake and jello.


Anonymous said...

My favorite food is vegetables. Eat for breakfast milk and bread orange juice. My favarite drink is orange juice.Dessert did you have for your last birthday is flan and tree milk cake. what kind of food do you usually bring to party Mexican food. What is your specialty potatoes salad.

maria carmen paredes

Anonymous said...

My favorite food is birria.
My usually breakfast is cereal with milk and coffe.
My favorite thing to drinks is water and soda.
Dessert I did have last birthay is strawberry with cream.
I usually bring food to party steaks.
dessert did I have last birthay strawberry with cream.
My specialty cook is orange chicken.

cesar romo

Anonymous said...

my favorite food is fiseh.My favorit breakfst is cerial whit fruit. MY FABORIT DRINK IS COFFE. I have some kaake whit thre milk. Ibring salad to a party.I kook chiken whit grin paaper. Esther Pineda.

Anonymous said...

my favorite is rice and bread with the suope and I eat meat also the fish and vegetables with fruote. I usually eating in the breakfast the bread and yougrt with the cheekin and I drink oreanjose. my favorite drink is soda and tea . the kind of dessert I do in the last my bithday I do makeing the cake and oreanjose my kind of food I do usually bring in the party it's the cake jally with banana. I can cook the fish and cheeckin my specialty is cooking the fishes and cheeckine with rice also the soupe.

my name is ALbart .Y. Barcham.

Anonymous said...

My favorite food is chicken and vegetable soup. I usually eat for breakfast eggs and juice. My favorite thing to drink is yogurt milk. have for my last birthay is bainilla cak. usually bring to party salad and ham burger my specialty is barbeque steak and rice.